About Us

Why us?

A one-of-a-kind company that provides one-on-one nutrition coaching

Life After Semaglutide is currently the only company that provides this type of service, so we will set the standard for helping people get off semaglutide while maintaining the weight they have lost.

Our Mission

We don’t care how long you have been on Ozempic or any kind of semaglutide drug, we want to safely taper you off while maintaining the weight you’ve already lost.

You’ve worked hard to get this weight off, we want to show you how to live a normal life after Ozempic.

Our Purpose

We help clients become the best versions of themselves. 

We know the type of guilt that comes with food because we have coached so many people over the years. We want to teach and guide our clients so they will have no problem maintaining the weight they’ve already lost while continuing to eat the food they enjoy.

What our clients have to say

Erik Young

Founder, Life After Semaglutide

Our background

Experienced in the health and wellness industry since 2010

When Erik Young first started this business, he was just helping locals in Gilbert, Arizona. He started out helping a few friends and that snowballed into what the company does today. Erik currently has a team of 8 nutrition coaches doing exactly what he does so they can help the masses.

As a team, we are currently serving close to 250 clients all over the world. The majority of our nutrition coaches were clients that ended up having a passion for flexible dieting and helping others.

Our coaches currently helping celebrities and everyday people lose weight while enjoying the foods they love without restrictions. Inadvertently, this program improves clients’ relationships with food.

Ready to get off semaglutide?

We want to safely taper you off semaglutide while maintaining the weight you’ve already lost. We understand how hard you’ve worked to get the weight off.

We want to help you live a confident, healthy, and empowered life after stopping semaglutide.

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