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One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

We put together meal plans based on foods clients like. We do weekly check-ins so we have that accountability piece. During coaching, we will slowly bring up the client’s maintenance calories to get their body used to eating a normal amount of food without gaining weight.

Price: $500/month until maintenance calorie goal is reached, and then $199/month to continue nutrition coaching/meal planning for the number of calories needed to maintain weight


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Most cases that we work with have lost anywhere from 25 to 75 pounds. As we are slowly adding food over a period of time, minimum weight gain is to be expected. If you are following the program to a T, you can expect less than 3 to 5 pounds to be gained back. The goal is to get maintenance calories to a normal spot and then you can maintain from there on your own.

It really depends how much food you are consuming before you come to us. Your body adapts to the amount of food you are eating. If you were only eating 500 to 700 cal it’s going to take us longer to get food up to a normal amount then it would if you came to us eating 1200 cal. You should just expect that this is going to take us 3 to 4 months to get maintenance calories to a normal amount. We need to add calories back in nice and slow. If we are too aggressive, then you’ll start gaining.

100%. The first phase of this program is getting maintenance calories back to a normal amount. Once they are there, we will teach you how to incorporate and eat all the foods you were eating before. Life is about balance, and that’s exactly how you need to look at food. We like to shoot for 80% Whole Foods and 20% fun foods.

It really depends on the state you are in before you come to us. Everyone is different, and we cater each person’s program to their specific needs. How long you stay committed to the program is entirely up to you!

There is no requirement when signing up. You just have to understand that this program is a process and we have to take our time on adding food back in. If we are too aggressive with adding calories, you will start gaining weight. To be successful, clients on average commit to around four months. In this time, maintenance calories will be at a sustainable range and clients will understand how to eat the food they still love.

Ready to get off semaglutide?

We want to safely taper you off semaglutide while maintaining the weight you’ve already lost. We understand how hard you’ve worked to get the weight off.

We want to help you live a confident, healthy, and empowered life after stopping semaglutide.

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