your body's built in ozempic

Your Body’s Built-In Ozempic

Your gut microbes and food molecules already play a key role in regulating weight.

how to build a better relationship with food

How to Build A Better Relationship with Food

Food fuels our bodies, fuels our lives, and can ignite both pleasure and stress. But for many, the relationship with food becomes complicated, strained by restrictive diets and emotional associations. At Life After Semaglutide, we know it’s possible to rebuild a healthy relationship with food. Our goal is to help you create a nurturing and

tips for natural weight loss

6 Tips for Natural Weight Loss

We get it, losing weight can sometimes feel like a long hard battle. Trending social media diets and quick fixes promise unrealistic weight loss results. But the truth is, sustainable weight loss comes from making small, gradual changes that prioritize your health and well-being. Here are some of our nutritionist’s tips for natural weight loss:

monthly cost of ozempic

What is the Monthly Cost of Ozempic?

Many individuals who are interested in the drug for weight loss have one question initially. What is the monthly cost of Ozempic?

how to transition off ozempic

How to Transition Off Ozempic

Ozempic is a GLP-1 commonly prescribed for medical weight loss. Because of the long-term health concerns and severe side effects, many currents users have been wondering how to transition off Ozempic in a safe manner. Stopping any GLP-1 medication like Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro is not recommended without consultation of a healthcare professional first. Abruptly

does ozempic cause muscle loss

Does Ozempic Cause Muscle Loss?

Losing weight rapidly can cause a decrease in muscle mass, lessen bone density, and lower your resting metabolic rate.

can ozempic make you tired

Can Ozempic Make You Tired?

Many users of the common weight loss drug Ozempic report a variety of side effects including gastrointestinal issues, nausea, and fatigue.

how to get off semaglutide

How to Get Off Semaglutide

There may come a time when you decide it’s appropriate to explore the possibility of discontinuing the medication. If you are wondering how to get off semaglutide, this blog post is for you.

Ready to get off semaglutide?

We want to safely taper you off semaglutide while maintaining the weight you’ve already lost. We understand how hard you’ve worked to get the weight off.

We want to help you live a confident, healthy, and empowered life after stopping semaglutide.

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